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A lot can be achieved in one week. In 7 days you can build a house, win back your ex, lose (and unfortunately also gain) 5 pounds and even cross the Alps. If God created the earth in 7 days, it shouldn’t be a problem for us to change the world in 7 days! But with all the heroic deeds and master achievements we perform every day between family, work, university or school, we shouldn’t forget to do something for ourselves now and then. The skin in particular often reacts sensitively to stress and exertion. Our recommendation: Apply a face mask at least 1-2 times a week to maintain the perfect beauty balance. However, the large selection on the shelf sometimes makes it difficult for us to choose one. We have therefore taken a closer look at the individual weekdays and selected the right mask for each day:


May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short. Everyone knows them – the Monday Blues. The weekend has flown by again and we don’t feel ready to go back into the world. What we need now is a stimulant that will make us look fresh. Our Hyaluronic Beauty System is perfect for this purpose. The sheet mask has a hydrating and plumping effect and is just perfect to start into a new week. So chase away those Monday Blues!



The first day of the week is over, but the weekend is still far, far away. Tuesday is the perfect day for a Hyaluron Mask to prepare the skin for the strenuous week and give it an extra moisture boost. The formula made of macadamia oil, shea butter and quark nourishes the skin richly with moisture and immediately cushions unpleasant wrinkles. A clear improvement of the skin’s appearance is already visible after the first application. Compliments from colleagues are inevitable!


Half-way there! And the right time to reward yourself for your perseverance. In general, every woman should be able to afford a luxury moment during the week. What better than a hot bath, a good book and our Luxury Mask with real gold? It activates the cells, refines the complexion and provides an exclusive and luxurious care experience.



Almost done! With a view to the upcoming weekend, gather your strength and rock work, school or university! In the evening, however, it’s time to get in the mood for the upcoming weekend. How about a Hydra Mask with instant effect? The active ingredient complex with valuable extracts of aloe vera, avocado, urea, cucumber and pure thermal water provides lasting moisturizing effects and immediately reduces wrinkles caused by dryness.


Hands in the air! The weekend is here! Get out of your office clothes and throw your schoolbag or university reading aside! Now it’s time for some free time. We, of course, have the right treatment for radiant skin at a night with the girls, out at a club or a romantic dinner with your loved one. Our Peel-off Mask provides deep cleansing of the pores, visibly nourished skin and thus the ideal basis for perfect make-up.



Hello hangover! You shouldn’t have had that last drink at the club? Don’t sweat it, we all make the same mistake. In most cases, the damage can be kept to a minimum with the help of a headache tablet, a large breakfast and a big bottle of water. Unfortunately, a merry evening also leaves its mark on the face. Our secret weapon: Schaebens Eye and Lip Mask. Fights swollen eyes, tear sacs and lip wrinkles in no time at all. So no one will be able to tell you were up late! (A little tip: put the mask in the fridge for 10 minutes before using. This will increase the effect even more)


Sunday is fun day! Today it’s time to enjoy spending time with your loved ones. Forget your low-carb diet, workout and housework and really relax before the working week starts again. And what is the ideal Sunday treatment for young and old? That’s right, our Dead Sea Mud Mask! It fights pimple causing bacteria, removes excess grease and cleanses skin deeply. Aloe vera and camomile have a soothing effect. This makes Sunday at home the perfect spa day for the whole family!

Dead Sea Mud Maske - Beauty Facial Mask
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