More and more people are giving up meat altogether or in part. However, a vegan lifestyle not only has an impact on nutrition, but also on areas such as clothing (e.g. leather) and cosmetics. Anyone who lives a vegan lifestyle wants to forgo any animal-based ingredients and avoid the consumption of any products that have been produced with the help of animal parts.

We want to offer all of our customers the greatest possible satisfaction with our products. For this reason, the packaging of our products without animal-based ingredients has been clearly labelled “vegan” for the benefit of those living vegan lifestyles. The label is also clearly visible on the product pages of our website.

Why aren’t all our products vegan? In line with the diversity of our product range and the different needs of our customers, we do not want to forgo very effective, popular and traditional ingredients such as milk, honey, collagen or silk or pearl extracts. It is important to us to have a clearly visible label so that everyone can choose the product that suits them best.

Incidentally, animal experiments involving cosmetic products have been banned in the European Union since 11th March 2013. This not only applies to finished cosmetic products, but also to combinations of substances and individual ingredients.

The following Schaebens products are currently vegan: