Dermatest GmbH: The Institute for Dermatological Tests

Dermatest® GmbH, Research Institute for Reliable Results, was founded in Münster in 1978 by dermatologist and allergist Dr. Werner Voss. The main focus of the activities is the testing of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products for compatibility and efficacy. The Dermatest® portfolio comprises a large number of scientifically qualified and dermatologically validatable examinations. These tests are supplemented by in vitro analyses based on cultivated 3D skin models.

Dermatest® GmbH is an independent ISO 9001-certified company with a strong team of experienced dermatologists, allergists, biologists and food chemists. They are in constant contact with universities, institutes and other research institutions in order to be able to take the latest developments in science and cosmetics into account for the benefit of the customers.

The company works in contract research for a large number of international companies in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

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